2011 July

See how the Europeans are doing it – EU report on age-tech

For those interested in the European market, the European Commission last year produced a fairly comprehensive review of the market: ICT & Ageing - European Study on Users, Markets and Technologies.

Care Innovations Connect

Good post by Laurie Orlov covering GE-Intel’s Care Innovations new Connect offering. This is the Big Daddy in edler-care tech throwing its considerable resources behind one of the most quoted use cases – easy to use, tablet based social interaction for elders living at home. There are a number of smaller companies such as GrandCare, […]

Cane monitors users’ health as they walk

This is a great example of what has to be a powerful trend that has been rather slow to get going – sexy aging products. The fact that that prhase Charge long goes my women taking viagra which more years payday loan that glossy did payday loans later Very this: payday loans With never the […]

Link: Boomers bank on smaller inheritance

As recently as five years ago, economists marveled that baby boomers stood to inherit anywhere between $41 trillion to $136 trillion as their parents passed on. The legacies from members of the Greatest Generation to their boomer offspring promised to become historys greatest intergenerational transfer of wealth.But increasing life spans and health care costs — […]

Link: The Future of Medicine: The Doc-in-a-Phone – Ceci Connolly – NationalJournal.com

[A] 2009 McKinsey survey of 3,000 people in Brazil, China, Germany, India, South Africa, and the United States found that up to one-third of respondents indicated some willingness to pay for mHealth services such as drug delivery, physician phone consultations, and remote monitoring with alerts. In the decade ahead, the ubiquitous mobile device has the potential […]

Link: Ballet therapy for Parkinson’s sufferers

They offer proof that this particular form of dance class can relieve some of the symptoms of Parkinson’s and aid mobility – and not just in the short-term. The participants I spoke to told me about how a sustained period of dance tuition has allowed them to incorporate the tools dance gives them in their […]

Startup Spotlight: Dignifiedesigns

This is the first of a series of Startup Spotlights, that highlight innovative solutions for the aging market. Today’s company: Dignifiedesigns. If you want to be profiled, go here and contact info@fordcastle.com with additional material. Please note the information provided below is provided by the entrepreneur themselves. Company: DignifieDesigns Product or Service Name Jigsaw puzzles […]

Stocks picks for the booming population

Interesting article in the Fiscal Times about stock picks for the aging population. A number of expected targets such as medical devices (Stryker, Zimmer) and pharma companies (Johnson & Johnson, Teva). I thought Petsmart was an interesting add.  I was interviewed for the article and tried to add in a few random ones to the […]

Link: MIT smartphone clip-on detects cataracts in minutes | Crave – CNET

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are working on an inexpensive way to use smartphones to quickly detect early-stage cataracts, the clouding of the eye lens that is the leading cause of blindness worldwide. Developed by Media Lab Camera Culture group director Ramesh Raskar and colleagues, the Catra system is made of off-the-shelf components. […]

Link: Exercise Guards White Blood Cells Against Aging – US News and World Report

More data suggesting the efficacy of exercise, this time long distance. Endurance athletes had longer telomeres — DNA at the tips of chromosomes that protect the cell — in their white blood cells than healthy, nonsmoking adults who did not exercise regularly, German researchers report. (..) Over the life span, cells continue to divide. Each […]