Rock 'n' Roll Consumer Insights

This morning on the bus I sat next to a man in his 60′s. I could hear the music coming from his headphones loud and clear — Foreigner. Yes, an older man of Chinese descent was listening to stadium rock. How’s that for bursting your stereotypes? Not quite in his element, but not far off […]

Business opportunities in aging: The Longevity Pyramid

One of the challenges with identifying business opportunities in the aging space is a lack of agreement about what the space actually is. This post provides a user-centric perspective that may be helpful in digging deeper into understanding what is the aging market, and where some of the business opportunities could be. I got the […]

Three reasons for the sluggish take off of the aging market

What is the toughest job in the world? President? Nope, too many perks. The PR-person for a lewd politician? Nah, fabulous resume potential. Fireman / Navy Seal / Assassin? No, too cool. For my money the toughest job in the world is being a demographer. Why? Because every day you must go into the office […]