Palo Alto Medical Foundation – putting Aging2.0 into practice

Clockwise from top left: the Community Watch concept, US CTO Todd No-Caffeine-Needed Park, Charles Babbage’s Difference Engine #2, members of our team practicing the pitch, list of 20 concepts presented at final presentation, Eric Dishman, a packed house for an early start Saturday morning. Report – Palo Alto Medical Foundation weekend hackathon The healthcare industry, as we know, […]

Spring is coming: 3 signs the aging market is poised for takeoff

Spring is here, and Aging2.0 – myself and co-author Emily – just spent a busy but enjoyable week in Washington, DC, (although climate change finished off the cherry blossoms before we got there). We went for Mary Furlong‘s consistently good value What’s Next? Boomer Summit, which was held just before the ASA Annual Conference. A lot […]

A hundred pilots don't a market make

I had an interesting conversation with Simon Roberts this morning about the reasons for the slow pace of take up of aging-focused products. Simon is an anthropologist, and spent 6 years working on innovations in the aging space at Intel (now at a cerebral-sounding strategy and innovation consultancy, RedAssociates) and set up their aging-focused lab in Ireland. […]

Care Innovations Connect

Good post by Laurie Orlov covering GE-Intel’s Care Innovations new Connect offering. This is the Big Daddy in edler-care tech throwing its considerable resources behind one of the most quoted use cases – easy to use, tablet based social interaction for elders living at home. There are a number of smaller companies such as GrandCare, […]