aging2 x Dress-Lace Motel Cacha Lace Dress

The breathable woven fabric of this http://www.dress-lace.com/ x aging2 motel cacha lace dress makes it a highly versatile dress. Perfect to dress up or dress down, you'll feel as comfortable wearing this dress to class as you well wearing it to the workplace, out on the town or in social situations. You can wear a shirt under the dress to make it perfect for almost any occasion. The square neckline will allow you to show off whatever you're wearing under the dress and the zip through back helps to keep the dress snug in place. The fit and flare shape makes it possible for the dress to flow while you're active and keep you cool when you're still. The pattern makes this a perfect dress no matter what the season is. Contrast this lace dress with a long sleeve white shirt, or a similar color underneath to look ready to do whatever you want to do.


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