Aging2.0 | Baltimore Chapter Launches Regional Accelerator

Baltimore, known for crabcakes and “The Wire”, is a gritty city with a small-town feel and a large chip on its shoulder. Often overlooked are its anchor institutions like Johns Hopkins University, University of Maryland, (both containing 1,000+ bed health systems), and nationally recognized senior care leaders like Erickson Living and Brightview Senior Living.

Healthcare consultant and entrepreneur, Jake Tunney, launched the Baltimore chapter of Aging2.0 in July of 2015. The Baltimore long term care community responded eagerly to Aging2.0’s mission. The new chapter tapped a latent need for a central meeting place for investors and operators to discuss how technology can improve the lives of seniors However, one thing was missing: Baltimore-area startups designing with seniors in mind to take advantage of this burgeoning local community.


Fast forward to January 2017 and Aging2.0 Baltimore launches its inaugural Accelerator. With sponsorship from tech giants Lyft and Philips Healthcare, and support from local healthcare innovators AbsoluteCARE, Keswick, Brightview, Erickson, CHAI, T. Rowe Price, and CWF Digital Health Ventures, the cohort includes 12 startups. Six of the startups straight from Baltimore, 2 are out of Hopkins, and it boasts an incredibly diverse array of founders with 8/12 being either women or people of color.

  1. AccessHEARS, Khoi Le
    Johns Hopkins technology spin-out, AccessHEARS is a pioneering social enterprise working to disrupt the current hearing care industry.

  2. Agewell Biometrics, Josh Wies
    Relevant Health Accelerator grad, Agewell’s Equilibrium™ platform predicts and prevents falls and provides fall alarms for peace of mind.

  3. Silver Sedans, LB Cooper
    A senior transportation concierge option, recently announced a partnership with Tuber, an app that lets seniors hail ride-sharing rides without the need for a smartphone.

  4. Concordia Systems, Paul Merenbloom
    Betamore resident, Concordia, provides tools connecting seniors aging-in-place, their families, and caregivers.

  5. ReachOut, Amal Alam
    Founded by a group of Johns Hopkins students, ReachOut is a platform that reengages the older generation of our communities by connecting them to younger community members to reduce social isolation.

  6. Danae Prosthetics, Winston Frazer
    Danae Prosthetics is a Baltimore-based company specializing in 3d printed prosthetics covers for lower limb amputees.

  7. Reciprocare, Charlene Brown
    Current participant in the Emerging Technology Center’s Accelerate Baltimore, Reciprocare enables long-term care providers to shorten hiring times by finding direct care workers with excess capacity.

  8. CyberTimez, Sean Tibbets
    CyberTimez creates augmented reality solutions for wearable devices improving the lives of individuals with vision impairment.

  9. SmartBridge, Hua Wang
    SmartBridge uses the brainpower of world’s top oncologists to improve health outcomes for cancer patients.

  10. Techstar Tutors, Tammy Glotz
    TechStar Tutors hires tech-savvy college students to provide personalized 1:1 or group technology tutoring to adults 50 and over in their home or a neutral location.

  11. MemoryWell, Jay Newton-Small
    MemoryWell is journalists using their talents to write the life stories of those living with Alzheimer’s and dementia to improve their care.

  12. Caregoals, Blaine Warkentine, MD
    Caregoals creates a positive, transformative experience for aging well and dying more gracefully using a reimbursable digital platform.

reachOutFocus.JPGThe Accelerator kicked off in conjunction with Abilities Hackathon, where the Aging2.0 Baltimore Chapter sponsored an “Aging Population” track. Five projects were submitted to the aging track, out of the ten overall, and the top two were accepted into the Accelerator.

The startups have access to over twenty-five expert mentors, as well as four weeks of focus groups at Brightview, Erickson, and CHAI communities.

The companies are competing for a $5,000 cash prize, 6 months of free coworking space at Emerging Technologies Center (ETC), and advancement in the Aging2.0 2017 Global Startup Search. Join us for the final pitch night on April 25th at ETC, find your tickets here.