Aging2.0 Maine Chapter Turns Into Opportunity Catalyst

Planning for after the COVID-19 physical distancing period, a team of Maine’s Aging2.0 Chapter members have decided to take on the challenge of helping businesses across the state to enter, grow and thrive in the Longevity Economy.

A great percentage of Baby Boomers (currently 56-74 yrs. old) want to live meaningful, productive lives for the rest of their lives. In Maine that includes many who want to live in rural locations and become part of making their communities livable. Some of them desire to be entrepreneurs themselves. We will help them actively pursue meaningful lives and in THE location they desire. Whatever their passion is, they need to lead healthy lives long into the future.

The Aging2.0 Maine Chapter will offer strategic opportunity support. We currently have access to a wealth of global longevity resources and are directly connected to a network of industry leaders.  We will identify specific marketplace opportunities for Maine companies to grow and thrive. We will work with Maine businesses to enter or expand their technology related businesses into the Longevity or Aging Economy.

Taking into account life after COVID-19, we will focus on four key technology-related marketplace needs:

• Independence/Aging in Place

• Health - Telehealth, digital health, wearables

• Social isolation and loneliness- communications

• Caregiving - tech enabled delivery

Aging2.0 Maine will offer strategic opportunity support. We are currently reviewing studies, reports and web-based information on existing global companies that are in this marketplace. We are having conversations with Industry leaders now, for example, about their views of how the pandemic may require new ways of thinking. 

Putting into motion our resources and expertise, the Aging2.0 Maine Chapter will work with select Maine companies to bring them through a Longevity Accelerator program that will address the known needs and desires of older Americans especially related to utilizing technologies in this space.  We will assist our Accelerator enrollees and other client firms to build comprehensive business plans for their new product and service expansions. This will include setting up pilot project tests across the Maine landscape including rural areas.

We are writing this blog post to challenge other Chapters to follow our lead. I know you are probably envious that our Chapter represents a whole state. We are ‘kind-of like’ our own country! Come on Global Chapters - you can do it.