Brazil’s first mobile health ecosystem is presented at Aging2.0 São Paulo

Brazil’s first mobile health ecosystem is presented at Aging2.0 São Paulo

Text and photos: Simone Jardim, edited by Alisa Rodriguez

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On Tuesday, 9/30, Antônio Nogueira Leitão and Simone Silva Jardim, hosted Sao Paulo’s Aging 2.0’s monthly meeting at the Hub Paulista. Guests included entrepreneurs, researchers from academia, gerontologists, and professionals in communication and marketing. Immo Paul Oliver, co-founder and CEO of the startup CareNet Longevity, prompted a lot of excitement and questions when he presented his new product, the Klip.

The startup CareNet Longevity was inspired by the current 2014-15 Stanford Design Challenge, sponsored by the Stanford Longevity Center in partnership with Aging 2.0. CareNet Longevity's focus is creating products that allow people to live healthier and longer lives through small actions and behavioral changes.

Pioneer in Brazil - Oliver talked about this year’s debut of the Klip, the first mobile ecosystem for health monitoring in Brazil. The technology consists of a body sensor, weighing less than 12 grams, which with the Carenet Longevity app (for IOS), monitors and encourages users to maintain an active lifestyle and healthy life.

"The Klip makes the user be the author of their quality of life, with real-time monitoring of daily activities. For example, the distance traveled, mileage achieved during a run, calories burned, and the bioactivity of the body during sleep. Our application presents it in a fun way, to engage the user with their own health."

Information more accessible - Today, wearable devices like the Klip biosensor are increasingly gaining importance among consumers worldwide.

"These devices gather information that, in the past, people could only get in a doctor's office or laboratory. They are the gateway and the best way to demonstrate what is possible with a device. We also realize that the Brazilian consumer is more open to this type of product," said Olivier.

The Klip biosensor costs $199 (less than $100 USD) in the CareNet Longevity store. The application for monitoring information is available for iOS in the App Store.

Next meeting Aging2.0 SP - The next meeting of Aging 2.0 São Paulo is scheduled for October 28, 7:00 pm. Our guest will be Edilson Osorio Jr., founder of an online market, that provides in-home products and services for the elderly.