New £50m 'Centre for Ageing Better' in the UK seeks input on its 10 year priorities

A new organization has been launched in the UK that is looking to spend a sizable amount of money on best-practice, evidence-based programs, and are seeking input on the topics they should be working on, and how they should be working. This is the first of a couple of posts on the topic. This one describes what the Centre is and what the key topics are, and asks for your input on the topics - what's most important, what's missing? The second post will make a few observations of my own.

Which is the best city in the world to grow old in?

With half the world now living in cities, and that number set to rise further, the majority of us will inevitably be growing old in a city. But which ones provide the best home for an aging population? And on what criteria should that be judged? This meme was started by this post a few weeks ago, learning about the work being done in New York. Now I'm taking this up a notch, at the Eindhoven Summit on Service Innovation in Cities, an event put on by Living Labs Global, together with the city of Eindhoven, here in the Netherlands.