Aging2.0’s 2016 Innovation & Technology Use Survey

Aging2.0 recently conducted its “Senior Care Innovation and Technology Use Survey” with the goal of understanding how senior care providers from across the care continuum are approaching innovation and implementing technology to support care. More than 100 organizations completed the survey, representing a near equal split between for profit and not-for-profit providers with balanced representation of organization size and services provided.

How old should the avatar on my website be?

[This is a guest post by Arabella Ignatieff, a recent Ph.D graduate from HEC Montreal, who's now specializing in marketing for older adults.]

Super Bowl Ads With a New Perspective on Getting Older

Like many Americans, my favorite part of the Superbowl is watching the commercials. Among the usual car and beer advertisers were a few commercials that are notable for the changing the face of how aging populations are portrayed and also viewed.

7 Tips to Market Apps to Baby Boomers

[Note: This is a guest post by Suzie Mitchell (@suziemitchell), who runs MitchellPR and blogs about technology for the AARP. This post first appeared on Business2. It raises the interesting topic about guidelines/  standards for designing web and mobile sites for seniors. I know there are some technical specs (such as these), but do designers currently know or care? Are these specs iPhone compatible? Would be great to create a guidebook with designers for creating products for this space. Let me know if someone is interested in this topic. - Stephen]