OPTIMIZE Sneak Peek #1: Interview with Dr. Bill Thomas

OPTIMIZE Sneak Peek: Interview with Dr. Bill Thomas Guest blog post written by: Cynthia Seymour

Aging2.0’s 2016 Innovation & Technology Use Survey

Aging2.0 recently conducted its “Senior Care Innovation and Technology Use Survey” with the goal of understanding how senior care providers from across the care continuum are approaching innovation and implementing technology to support care. More than 100 organizations completed the survey, representing a near equal split between for profit and not-for-profit providers with balanced representation of organization size and services provided.

PBS comes to Aging2.0


Video: Mark Wexler, How To Live Forever

 Image credit: How To Live Forever Mark Wexler has made a terrific new documentary called How To Live Forever, with the ironic subtitle, Results May Vary. Aging2.0 is not that focused on those colorful (and generally bearded) characters who propose ways to solve the aging problem, fascinating as they may be; we are more interested in improving the quality of life for those already here. However, that being said, this movie is right on the Aging2.0 mark, as it contains many poignant and colorful interviews between Mark and a host of people who know what it's like to be old. As such it helps to recast growing old from growing grey and dull, and provide food for thought for many of those who haven't even considered the topic. I caught up with him at TedMed in October, short video below. By the way, you can see a trailer for the movie on the movie's website, and order a DVD or that roller-coaster T-shirt - great stocking stuffer ideas. [youtube]