New Aging2.0 Report On the State of Global Innovation in Aging and Senior Care

Last year, Aging2.0 received support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for a project we ran called, ‘Global Innovations | Local Benefits,’ which systematically looked at innovations and innovators from across our global network, with a view to distilling trends, lessons and best practices that could be used to help the US healthcare system. We are pleased to announce the publication of the report, ‘A snapshot of global innovation in aging and senior care’, which together with input during the OPTIMIZE Conference last year, represents a synthesis of the project.

Aging2.0’s 2016 Innovation & Technology Use Survey

Aging2.0 recently conducted its “Senior Care Innovation and Technology Use Survey” with the goal of understanding how senior care providers from across the care continuum are approaching innovation and implementing technology to support care. More than 100 organizations completed the survey, representing a near equal split between for profit and not-for-profit providers with balanced representation of organization size and services provided.

New £50m 'Centre for Ageing Better' in the UK seeks input on its 10 year priorities

A new organization has been launched in the UK that is looking to spend a sizable amount of money on best-practice, evidence-based programs, and are seeking input on the topics they should be working on, and how they should be working. This is the first of a couple of posts on the topic. This one describes what the Centre is and what the key topics are, and asks for your input on the topics - what's most important, what's missing? The second post will make a few observations of my own.

New report on Global Aging from World Economic Forum


See how the Europeans are doing it - EU report on age-tech

For those interested in the European market, the European Commission last year produced a fairly comprehensive review of the market: ICT & Ageing - European Study on Users, Markets and Technologies.