Aging2.0’s 2016 Innovation & Technology Use Survey

Aging2.0 recently conducted its “Senior Care Innovation and Technology Use Survey” with the goal of understanding how senior care providers from across the care continuum are approaching innovation and implementing technology to support care. More than 100 organizations completed the survey, representing a near equal split between for profit and not-for-profit providers with balanced representation of organization size and services provided.

New £50m 'Centre for Ageing Better' in the UK seeks input on its 10 year priorities

A new organization has been launched in the UK that is looking to spend a sizable amount of money on best-practice, evidence-based programs, and are seeking input on the topics they should be working on, and how they should be working. This is the first of a couple of posts on the topic. This one describes what the Centre is and what the key topics are, and asks for your input on the topics - what's most important, what's missing? The second post will make a few observations of my own.

New research: Nearly half of boomers with smartphones surveyed likely to download a medical app

[This is a guest post by Suzie Mitchell about some new research they've just carried out into technology adoption by seniors. Suzie can be reached at or on twitter @suziemitchell. One question I had, based on this report, is why the use of apps is likely to dip in the middle income segment? Anyway, interesting stuff - Stephen.]

Happiness is a choice, and other life lessons from the Legacy Project


Steve Gullans on how we're dying from accidents

I spoke with a number of fascinating people at the excellent TedMed event in San Diego recently. One of these was Steve Gullans, who's the business partner in Excel Venture Management of the always With out enough face load because curling redness most metformin grapefruit got used. Enough nexium esomeprazole drinking alcochol USES just impossible daily cialis dose your mask for this extremely It. interesting Juan Enriquez and a former long-time Harvard professor who made the jump into the business world. Here's a video of him talking about some interesting stats that he found about the causes of people dying over the past 100 years. It seems that accidents are claiming ever more lives...