Aging2.0’s 2016 Innovation & Technology Use Survey

Aging2.0 recently conducted its “Senior Care Innovation and Technology Use Survey” with the goal of understanding how senior care providers from across the care continuum are approaching innovation and implementing technology to support care. More than 100 organizations completed the survey, representing a near equal split between for profit and not-for-profit providers with balanced representation of organization size and services provided.

Innovation via the silver screen: Aging - Hollywood style

The movie business - or at least a part of it, unlike much of the rest of business community - is proving to be both smart and sensitive in dealing with the aging population. Aware that shoot-em-up movies are unlikely to appeal to this demographic, there have been a slew of excellent movies recently that feature older actors and the issues associated with aging in a thought-provoking way. I caught up with two of them - Robot and Frank and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel over the break, and hope to see Oscar-nominated Amour soon.