Spring is coming: 3 signs the aging market is poised for takeoff

Spring is here, and Aging2.0 - myself and co-author Emily - just spent a busy but enjoyable week in Washington, DC, (although climate change finished off the cherry blossoms before we got there). We went for Mary Furlong's consistently good value What's Next? Boomer Summit, which was held just before the ASA Annual Conference. A lot happened, but the major takeaway: the 'aging' industry is preparing for liftoff. I say this after observing three welcome arrivals on the scene: talent, technologies and capital. And this innovation movement, like all good uprisings, is likely to start with just a stream, but quickly turn into a flood.

A Graying Population Spells Business Opportunity -

Companies come here to understand their target audience or to have their products, policies and services studied.

Snip: Funding Aging Research for Life Extension and Human Longevity

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