Day 16 - Winnipeg - Connecting With Connie

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Connie Newman understands the issues that seniors face; since her retirement she has devoted her life to advocating for the needs of seniors. As a retired high school teacher, Connie’s ability to bring people together and solve problems makes her perfect in her role: “I am a connector. I firmly believe the more knowledge that people have, the more they control their own destiny. My work aims to help people socialize and gain information.” 

What are the main issues Connie think seniors are facing right now? Income insecurity: did I save enough money, where can I afford to live, can I eat healthy and can I afford to socialize with the money I have available?

Where can we find solutions? Through gathering: people gather over food, families gather over dinner, small communities gather over coffee & conversation events. People want to be seen and appreciated—no matter their age.

For many older people who watch TV all day—no wonder they get depressed, the news is constantly negative! Connie remarks, “We need to get people out of their house and engaged in all the good things that are happening in our world. My message to people of all ages: Smile and say hi when you walk by somebody on the street. It’s simple. Respect people that are different than you.

COVID-19 has impacted  many businesses and nonprofits — and Winnipeg’s community radio station CJNU 93.7FM is no different. When they announced to their listeners that they may have to sign off, the community rallied to help fund the radio station confirming the incredible impact the station has with its listeners.

The Concept

The station knows many of their elderly listeners are facing social isolation and have given Aging 2.0 Ambassador Connie Newman a segment on the daily program. Connie is able to share all kinds of information with the community, particularly focused on older adults.

The Result

Connie uses her 1-minute clips to empower the older adults in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. 

She provides all kinds of resources, tips, and education to the listeners, helping them feel connected and equipped. Connie says “the more knowledge you can give, the more people can continue to do for themselves” which helps people maintain a sense of independence. 

Connie has more than 50 clips she recorded which can also be found on the CJNU 93.7 FM website.