Day 5 - Brighton - TTT Befriending

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Time To Talk Befriending matches volunteers (“Befrienders”) with older people for mutually rewarding, long-lasting friendships. The results are in the testimonials:

“I used to think, why would a young person like Robyn want to talk to me? But now I realize we do have things in common! This is the loveliest thing that has happened to me this year and I cannot speak highly enough about the whole experience.” - Valerie, 86

“Knowing that someone cares - that’s all you need. Otherwise, it’s a very lonely existence.” - Jean, 91

“Invisible… yes, invisible - that’s what I was before. Richard, my befriender has helped me feel alive again! I have my purpose.” - Martin, 77

“My life felt over. I didn’t think I could make new friends at my age. It’s wonderful!” - Muriel, 89

“I would rather go without food than my befriender.” - Arthur, 89

The Concept

Volunteers (“Befrienders”) are matched with an older adult to alleviate loneliness and social isolation. The project has grown to specialize in dementia inclusive befriending and chaplaincy. 

Volunteers are recruited from a college program which trains and finds placement opportunities every academic year for 150 young volunteers. The skills and experiences gained by these young volunteers readies them for the jobs of the future.

The Result

520 befriending matches between volunteers and older adults. The average age of participating members is 82 years while the volunteers range in age from 20-55. Current befriending matches equate to 30,000 hours of befriending each year

During the pandemic the service almost doubled in size within a four month time period. Also the befrienders adapted to the health crisis - with one lady creating blankets for many in the community to keep them warm while meeting outside.

Become a befriender if you live in the Brighton UK area:

Ambassador Endorsement

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(c) Victoria Dawe

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