Day 8 - Rome - Fanfaroma

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It is 6 p.m. in Rome, Italy. Windows and doors begin to open as the Rome Historical Center neighborhood prepares for what the natives call “antiviral flash mobs.” People of all ages gather on terraces and balconies to join their voices and instruments in song—the perfect way to express their love of Italian music and sense of community despite the strict COVID-19 lockdowns.

This evening, 70-year-old Laura plays the Italian song “Volare” on her violin while her neighbor Roberto accompanies her on his bass guitar. And it’s not just the neighborhood that benefits from these informal musical collaborations. Videos like the one shared by Maruizio Marchini’s wife of him singing “Nessun Dorma” have been seen be millions across the world.

Despite the lockdown, people across Italy have found a way to come together as a community by joining their voices and musical instruments—proving that social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation.

The Concept

It all started with a Facebook invite by the Italian brass orchestra Fanfaroma. Their goal was to create a countrywide concert that everyone could participate in. They invited their fellow Italians to join in by playing a musical instrument, singing along or even just spectating from their windows and balconies. From Rome to Siena to Naples, neighborhoods across Italy joined in to create a collective concert that united communities and inspired the world.

The Result

The thousands of Italians who participated in the original “antiviral flash mob” and the many communal music events that followed proved that connections can be made despite strict lockdowns. These 15 minute concerts that begin with music and end with shouts of “buona sera” (have a nice evening) give the neighborhoods something to look forward to each day. When movement and resources are limited, communities can come together and support each other through shared interests.

What began as a simple invite evolved into a global movement. The viral videos of Italians who participated inspired people around the world to follow suit, proving that making music together can connect the world. See a community concert in Italy and Germany!

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