Day 9 - Lisbon - LATA 65

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Louisa is a 65-year-old makeup artist who was introduced to LATA 65 by her daughter. Louisa had been interested in urban art for a while, so when her daughter discovered a street art workshop specifically for older adults she was excited to sign up. Not only was it a way to learn a new art technique, it was an opportunity to fight age stereotypes by exploring an art form that is often associated with ‘the younger generation’.

LATA 65 works to crush those stereotypes. According to Luisa, “Lata means ‘can’ and 65 refers to people’s age. It also means that you have the nerve to take a can of paint and spray a message on a public wall. I have seen so many older people in these LATA 65 sessions who are my age or much older. When they begin to paint, their faces light up.” Louisa’s group, the Graffiti Grandmothers, showcase their art all over Lisbon, Portugal.

Louisa shares the lessons she has learned from this experience to those around her. “I tell my grandchildren that the only way to learn is to practice. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do something at your age and that you’re less because you are old. On the contrary, you are more.”

The Concept

LATA 65 is an Urban Art Workshop for Seniors. It takes a group of young at heart seniors and teaches them an exciting new skill: graffiti. Assisted by urban artists, participants are taught the history and craft of graffiti, including technical terms and techniques. The group then heads to the streets to find the perfect wall to exhibit their new skills and ideas.

The Result

LATA 65 has successfully held 46 sessions across Portugal, Spain, Brazil, the US and the UK since 2012. Over 560 students have attended the workshops, the oldest artist 102 years old.

Founder Lara Seixo Rodrigues notes, “The enthusiasm shown by our participants has been breathtaking. We keep observing that this project invites the participants to actively involve themselves from head to toe, awakens their forgotten creative spirit and above all, brings them feelings of pure fun—which is essential at any age.

You can support this wonderful initiative by purchasing LATA 65 merchandise. The revenue from these sales funds workshops and allows groups like the Graffiti Grandmothers to overcome age stereotypes. Visit to purchase! 

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