Ford turning cars into medical monitors (link)

For Ford Motor Co., medical monitoring is the next key to a burst of car sales. About 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 every day and 26 million Americans have diabetes. Besides checking blood sugar, Ford has developed a car seat to check the drivers heart rate that could warn of an impending heart attack, and new features may track breathing patterns for asthmatics or pollen counts for allergy sufferers and recommend remedies."The car is more than just a car," said Paul Mascarenas, Fords chief technology officer. "People spend almost an entire week a year on the road and thats expected to increase. The car is a private space

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for conducting personal business. We see health and wellness as a core area."The features Ford is researching may help boost the prices it can charge for cars. They may be added in one to five years to Fords Sync software, the voice-activated communication system it developed with Microsoft Corp. and offers on most models. Sync, together with limited supplies and higher quality, helped boost Fords average prices $4,100 from two years ago.

via Ford turning cars into medical monitors.


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