Healthsense and Verizon Partner for senior telecare

Spotted this in FierceMobileHealthcare. I like the sound of the algorithm-based intelligence that Healthsense refers to - studying patterns and then identifying activities that fall outside the norm. That's much more 'human' than just having an arbitrary technical algorithm model of what people should be doing (such as 'not fall down'), and provides more opportunities for tailored services.

Healthsense, a national leader in home healthcare solutions, is joining forces with Verizon and Verizon Enhanced Communities in bringing wellness-monitoring technology to FiOS-equipped senior and assisted-living communities.


Healthsense’s eNeighbor® remote monitoring system helps seniors remain independent, with the added goal of reducing the

cost of care, and improves the overall experiences for seniors, their families and caregivers. The eNeighbor system operates over a standard Wi-Fi connection and uses small wireless sensors that detect regular activities like opening the refrigerator, or walking into the kitchen. The system looks for these “Activities of Daily Living” and learns the “routine” of a senior. If levels of activity related to safety and wellness concerns are outside the normal range, the system automatically calls for help.

via Healthsense to Deliver Home-Health Services to Seniors via Verizon’s FiOS Network - Verizon | Forums and Blogs - Verizon Community.


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