Home sensors for seniors


A piece by Constance Gustke in the New York Times this weekend “Technology, while not a fountain of youth, can make aging safer” [PDF] (which included Aging2.0) covered a number of the up-and-coming startups focused on keeping seniors independent, including Lively in the wearables and home sensor categories. Uber and Honor were referenced (as companies working higher up the Maslow pyramid) as well as innovative providers Good Samaritan Society and Eskaton. As always there’s only a limited number of companies that can be profiled in such a piece, and we’ve had a few people ask us about other smart home monitoring solutions for seniors, so here are a few more that are worth knowing about:

  • Evermind* - passive communication tool tracking an older adult’s electricity usage

  • CarePredict - highly designed wearable solution from a previous successful entrepreneur

  • Mybitat - smartphone / tablet solution with sensors out of Israel

  • Onkol - hub for the Internet of things, bringing in data from multiple different sources

  • Healthsense - well funded remote monitoring solution for home as well as congregate care settings

  • Grand Care - remote care platform with a variety of sensors and integrations

  • Quiet Care by CareInnovations - home sensors

  • BeClose - home-based wireless sensors

  • Safe In Home - home-based sensor network and monitoring solution

*Evermind is a member of the Aging2.0 Academy