Honda's new mobility device, aka Segway 2.0

Was just sent this - Honda's newest concept for personal mobility, the catchily-titled U3-X:


Kudos to them. Better than a Segway in terms of having your hands free, and for keeping people at the same level (wheelchairs too low, Segways you tower over people). I did a project with Segway in business school and that was a problem with them being licensed for the sidewalks - they seemed more like motorbikes then leg enhancements, as this one feels.

Their corporate website also has a bunch of other ideas for mobility assistance - robo-skeletons etc to help people walk, and their marketing does (for a change) feature seniors. Very cool for people with physical impairments such as those having trouble walking and the elderly, but the use of two healthy young people using it to look at an art exhibition, does make me think we're heading in the direction of Wall-E...

(Thanks for the link, Mary)


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