I'm proud to announce the birth of my first...book

Ok, frankly there aren't many similarities between writing a book (or a chapter of one, as I did) and having a baby, but from what I can tell, both are hard work and not very rewarding at first, but apparently you look back and say it was worth it.

I spent quite a bit of time last year researching Amazon and Google to write a chapter about their growth strategies for the book Growth Champions: The Battle for Sustained Innovation Leadership, which was just published by Wiley, and is now available at Amazon. It was a collaborative effort, headed by innovation consultant par excellence Tim Jones, who runs the Growth Agenda, and the Future Agenda, and knows a lot about the future.
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It's not directly on the theme of aging, but tangentially relevant, since it looks at how successful companies have been able to generate sustainable, organic growth. In the book Tim provides a holistic overview of many of the different innovation theories, and more important, practices, and then has 10 chapters of case studies of the Growth Champions themselves.

I was happy to work on Amazon and Google as I find them two of the most interesting companies in the world of technology today. If I could pick a core competence to excel at, it would be what they do best: 'using data to get ever closer to customers'. The chapter explores the way each company implements that goal in very different ways, and the rest of the book is filled with data-rich, contemporary snapshots of some of today's leaders in consistently delivering growth. And if that isn't relevant to people interested in growing the market for the aging demographic, I don't know what is.


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