Introducing Aging2.0 Charlotte: Caregiver-Focused, Innovation-Minded

In Charlotte, NC, we care deeply about a few things: the Panthers, breweries, and family caregivers. 

Of course, it’s a little more complicated than that, but what it boils down to is that we’re a chapter that wants to change the way the world approaches caregiving.

The Charlotte Chapter Goals

Our mission in the Charlotte Chapter of Aging2.0 is to:

  • Empower family caregivers by providing the resources, support, and tools that enable them to provide better care for their loved ones

  • Develop the local ecosystem for caregiving and aging by supporting local organizations and businesses that are addressing unmet needs

  • Educate the community through local events and increased awareness of the value and challenges of family caregivers

Why start the Charlotte Chapter of Aging2.0?

We founded Carewell three years ago after seeing how challenging it was for family caregivers to find the products and information they needed to care for their loved ones. We work every day to improve the lives of caregivers and those they care for by designing a service specifically for their needs. As people live longer lives and continue to choose to age at home, family caregivers are responsible for a greater share of the burden. This is a healthcare crisis and is only growing in severity.

No organization can tackle the aging and caregiver crisis alone. We’re stronger and more impactful when we work together. 

When we learned that Aging2.0 was working to address aging-related challenges, we knew we’d found our tribe. We started the Charlotte chapter of Aging2.0 to develop a community of individuals and organizations that want to make a difference when it comes to family caregiving. We’re looking for new ideas around caregiving, innovative thought-leaders, and projects to get our hands dirty. 

What is Carewell?

Founded by Jonathan and Bianca Magolnick, Carewell is a family-run company offering a new solution for caregivers’ needs. We are the most trusted source of information and products for family caregivers.

What makes us innovative:

  1. Unmatched expert and empathetic support

Our company is people-first. That’s why every single team member goes through a rigorous training process, not just to become a product expert, but to become a caregiver expert. We are focused on developing meaningful relationships that relieve the burden of care.

  1. Trusted product and caregiving information

We are the one-stop-shop for caregivers, not just by providing a tailored selection of products, but by answering all their questions about caregiving. This includes resources like our Incontinence Products Guide, a resource center with detailed articles that explain everything a caregiver needs to know when selecting incontinence products for the first time.

  1. Industry-leading tech features designed to better protect and serve caregivers and older adults

We built Carewell on the basis of security, privacy, and protection for all our customers. Our site is built with innovative technology, so older adults and caregivers can shop and reorder with ease.

Meet Our Team

Our Charlotte Chapter Team includes:

  • Bianca Padilla, Ambassador

Bianca is the CEO of Carewell, a tech-specialist, and a family caregiver.

  • Brianna Maguire, Advisor and Events

Brianna is the Content and Community Lead at Carewell, and previously worked for, an innovative video chat platform designed for older adults.

Want to get involved?

Keep up with the Charlotte chapter by signing up for our newsletter or following our Twitter at @Aging2Charlotte. 

Are you a Charlotte local or know people that would want to get involved? We’re always looking to grow our team. Reach out to us at!