Introducing the Aging2.0 Caregiving Collective

We recently introduced the Aging2.0 Caregiving Collective as our newest opportunity for engagement! The Caregiving Collective is a global, mission-driven initiative to accelerate innovation in caregiving. This program, launched in partnership with digital innovation consulting company Shapeable, is building a data-driven insight, solutions and match-making platform that connects innovators with providers looking for next-generation and cost-effective solutions. 

The Caregiving Collective will build a knowledge system that captures all of the issues and solutions faced by the Aging2.0 community to address the massive shortage of innovations for our rapidly aging societies. We look forward to sharing this platform with you - stay tuned for more updates as we launch the Caregiving Collective in Q2 2019! 

For more information about how to get involved and to see a sneak peak of the Caregiving Collective platform, visit