Join us in Taipei for the Asia Pacific Summit - and see the weirdest fruit

As August comes to a close, Europeans who’ve spent the month on the beach will be coming back to the office and trying to remember their logins, and Americans will be celebrating this long Labor Day weekend roasting things on grills, or themselves on the playa. Around the world, September is a busy period and for many is the start of conference silly season, with some road warriors attending back-to-back events pretty much solid through to November. In this hectic period, we’d like to draw attention to one event in particular - that we think will rock your socks off: The Asia Pacific Summit supported by Aging2.0. 

Silver Linings Global (who have been our Taipei Ambassdors for the past three years) are holding their fourth annual Aging Innovation Week in Taipei in October, and we're working with them to put on the first APAC Summit on October 12. This is the first region-wide event we’ve done in Asia, and comes on the heels of this year's European and American Summits in Belgium (May) and Canada (June) respectively. Aging2.0 is excited to partner with Silver Linings Global on this and grateful to our Leaders Circle partners Genesis and SOMPO who are joining as co-sponsors. 

This aims to be a gathering point for innovators from across the region and beyond to hear about novel approaches and brainstorm how to scale up good ideas. We’re in the final stages of planning the lineup and attendees are registering now (link here), and smart companies are taking advantage of this as a platform to raise awareness and signing up as sponsors. 

Aging2.0 HQ will be there (Grace and myself) and many of our freinds new and old from across the region. We'd love you to join, so here are five reasons to visit Taipei for this unique event in October:

  1. Great content: experts in innovation from Asia and beyond, such as Hans Becker, the Dutch ‘aging maverick’ and founder of Humanitas who will talk about his ‘apartment for life’ concept and Japanese aging expert Hiroyuki Murata talking about later life engagement and purpose. Additional speakers from China, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan among others will join. 
  2. Getting to know Taiwan better: The time in Taipei will give you a chance to learn more about Taiwan’s cutting edge policies and innovations - for example Taiwan has just launched their new long-term care policy, appropriately called "Long-term Care Act 2.0”. The folks in the room are those shaping the conversation, in this, as crucible for innovations globally. 
  3. Bragging rights: The chance to say you were at the first ever Asia Pacific Summit on aging innovation Summit and be in the driving seat of APAC’s innovation agenda.  
  4. Great food. Taiwanese food is famous, exotic and plentiful, and was voted as the best cuisine in the world by CNN Travel readers in 2015. As well as Milkfish, Iron eggs, noodle dishes galore and Gua bua buns there's Oyster omelettes, crazy-looking fruit and heck, bubble tea was invented here.
  5. Last but not least, there’ll be a chance to hear Aging2.0’s very own Grace A doing karaoke (we forgot this for the European Summit, we won’t make that mistake again). Enough said? 

Hope to see you in Taipei!