Aging2.0 is excited to introduce Grand Challenges, our new initiative to drive collaboration around the biggest challenges and opportunities in aging. This program is an opportunity for us – the Aging2.0 community – to collectively focus and prioritize innovation in the aging space and to make an impact at scale.

The Grand Challenges themselves are the innovation priorities of the Aging2.0 community, identified through our many years of dialogue with you, with older adults, senior care providers, thought leaders, entrepreneurs and others within the interdisciplinary, intergenerational, international community. In short, these 12 Grand Challenges are where we believe our community can have the biggest impact on improving the lives of older adults:

 Grand Challenges Updated

Throughout the year, we will track progress across these 12 topic areas, document best practices, and help our Aging2.0 members identify and engage with the most promising innovators. Grand Challenges will guide Aging2.0 Alliance events, Summits, Chapter events and myriad opportunities for collaboration.

The detailed output of the Grand Challenges, in particular the best practices, pilot successes and lessons learned from member companies, as well as the most promising innovators in the space will be shared among the Aging2.0 Alliance members (, and summaries will be made available in public white papers, blog posts and reports. Stay tuned as we collectively take on the biggest challenges and opportunities in aging!