MacArthur ‘Genius’ Awards to two experts on aging

Two aging experts have picked up the recently announced and highly prestigious MacArthur Genius Award, that provides a $100,000 no-strings attached award each year for five years.

The first, Marie-Therese Connolly, 54, is an elder-rights lawyer, based in Washington, DC. The New York Times quotes her as saying:

“I couldn’t think of another issue in this country that has such an impact on so many people,” Ms. Connolly said of her work tackling elder abuse and mistreatment by breaking down barriers among social services, health care, legal and financial systems.

The other one is William Seeley, MD, who's a professor at UCSF. I've been lucky enough to work with Bill on a Fordcastle project recently, and am impressed with what he's achieved. Congrats to them both.


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