May Meetup - report

After a bunch of organizing by our wonderful team, we held our second meetup on Wednesday night at The Hallmark, Brookdale's excellent facility in Battery Park City, NYC.

Over 120 people registered across Eventbrite and Meetup.com, which was amazing in itself, although not all showed up, which was a shame, as we had another 25+ on the wait list that wanted to come but couldn't. Wen Dombrowski (@HealthcareWen) put together a narrative on Storify, below, which gives you a flavor.

[Click on image, or this link to view on Storify]

The speakers were designed to reflect a variety of different topics around innovation in aging. Steve Dean kicked us off with a story of how he's been 'hacking' his mother's house, introducing technology that allows him to get a better sense of how she's doing, without her having to phone up and ask for help. He also made a strong case for better designed systems. Tal Ziv is the CEO of Silver Living, and he showcased his latest startup, that provides pictures and information to help people make more informed choices about senior care. Ryan Frederick is an expert in senior living and made the case for innovation in the space, highlighting the key opportunity areas of technology and design thinking. And finally Gil Blander provided just a taste of his deep scientific expertize around the fascinating topic of the science of aging, and then showcased his startup, Inside Tracker, which allows people to track their biometrics.

A lot of organizing, in particular by Karmen Duncan at the Hallmark, and Executive Director John Collins, whose 20+ years experience in hospitality was clear to see. So thanks to them, the great A2 team, our hosts, the three residents who gave thoughtful and considered introductions, our four excellent speakers, and all of you who joined us to kick off summer, in style.


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