Mind Your Mood: Brain Health is Important at Every Age

Chapters are an extension of the Aging2.0 HQ team. Innovation is happening all around the world, and we rely on Ambassadors to report back from the front lines of innovation to strengthen our community.


Recently I worked with David Stoller, my fellow Aging2.0 Chapter Ambassador from Toronto, who introduced me to Dr. Nasreen Khatri, who produced a Ted-talk style video for me to use here in my local chapter area in Maine. Dr. Khatri is a Canadian award-winning registered clinical psychologist, gerontologist, neuroscientist and educator who specializes in the assessment, treatment and research of mood and anxiety disorders in older adults.

This 13 ½ minute talk was well received by a mixed age public audience. The pre-produced talk was shown followed by a “live” Zoom meeting appearance in which Dr. Nasreen answered questions from the Maine audience.  Dr. Khatri has conducted research that demonstrates there is a link between untreated depression and anxiety disorders and a greater likelihood of experiencing dementia and Alzheimer’s at later ages.  

Take a look here: 

I welcome the chance to work directly with other Aging2.0 community members and look forward to seeing the Chapters program grow and make an in impact in their local communities. The state of Maine has the highest average age in the country and many parts of it, as you might expect, are quite rural. I’d love to set-up beta testing sites here for companies and researchers and work directly with other Chapters to change the way aging is viewed.


Pat Pinto, Aging2.0 Portland, Maine Ambassador