New report on Global Aging from World Economic Forum

The Stanford Center on Longevity reports on a new book by the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council on Aging - or Ageing for our European readers. It's an overview of trends and economic impacts on countries around the world, and takes an approach that the demographic shift could be an opportunity, not just a challenge, if handled in the right way. From the SCL's site:

Global ageing, in developed and developing countries alike, will dramatically alter the way that societies and economies work. The issues include how individuals find fulfilment, at what age they retire, and their quality of life once they do retire; how governments devise social contracts to provide financial security; how the older and younger generations interact as they divide up the economic pie; how businesses staff their jobs to compensate in many countries for shrinking workforces; and how health systems respond to the altered needs of those living longer.

The other useful thing on the WEF's site is their selection of aging experts who are on the Council and co-authors of the report. Check them out - a useful set of thought leaders.


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