Palo Alto Medical’s Innovation Center Announces Seed Funding for Accelerator Program

[Note: This is a guest post by Hemali Thakkar from Health 2.0  (@Health2con). Palo Alto Medical Foundation's Innovation Center (@pamfinnovation) partnered with Health 2.0 to run the linkAges Developer Challenge and Accelerator Program. linkAges (#linkAges) is the Innovation Center’s Successful Aging initiative. We blogged about the challenge when it was announced in April and again after our energizing weekend at the linkAges kickoff event and hackathon. With the challenge deadline now just around the corner (July 30, 2012), Palo Alto Medical and Health 2.0 are announcing exciting new perks for challenge participants.  Do you have an idea or technology that could help with signal detection for successful aging in community? If so, this challenge is a great opportunity to partner with a nationally recognized health care provider, get seed funding and accelerate your path to potential commercialization.

Through the linkAges™ Developer Challenge and Accelerator Project, the Palo Alto Medical Foundation’s (PAMF) David Druker Center for Health Systems Innovation (IC) is inviting teams to create innovative solutions to help seniors age successfully.

First place winners of the three-month Developer Challenge will not only win $5,000, but also will be invited to join the PAMF Innovation Center Accelerator, a six-month incubator designed to refine and integrate the winning solution into the linkAges ecosystem for rapid implementation within the PAMF community. Second and third place winners will receive $3,000 and $2,000, respectively.

IC is excited to make two announcements of importance of its Developer Challenge initiative, being run in partnership with Health 2.0:

Firstly, the IC is pleased to announce that seed funding is available and aimed at supporting daily team activities through the 6-month accelerator phase. The winning team can now focus on developments and delivering results. The level of funding will be subject to negotiation, and will be made available by an investment in the IP created by the team.

Secondly, the IC is excited to announce a partnership with HP Cloud from Hewlett Packard. By way of sponsorship, participants signed up for this Challenge can gain free access to the HP Cloud services/technical support as well as access to HP Cloud Compute, HP Cloud Object Storage, HP Cloud Block Storage, HP Cloud CDN. These allow the custom build of virtual servers, define access settings to local and remote services, and create and store data in the cloud.

For seniors, healthcare is categorized by high cost, fragmented services, and suboptimal outcomes. It disregards crucial facets of quality of life that significantly impact health, particularly social and behavioral determinants. PAMF has embarked on an initiative to create a paradigm that will tackle the physical as well as societal elements of health, leveraging social services and caregivers already in the community, and partnering with professional healthcare teams.

The foundation is asking developers to explore Signal Detection, the creative detection and use of signals of physical and social health of our seniors to proactively improve health outcomes and quality of life.

It will be an unparalleled opportunity for the winning team to exhibit the success of their solution while having a head start to prospective commercialization through partnering with a nationally recognized health care provider.

Register before the July 30th Deadline!


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