Raising capital for your aging-related startup

I gave this presentation as part of my panel session on "raising angel and VC funding for your startup" to an audience of mainly entrepreneurs at the Boomer Venture Summit in Santa Clara, CA this week (conference recap here).

Raising Angel and VC Money for Aging-Related Startups[slideshare id=8349720&w=425&h=355&sc=no]

The summary about raising capital was a distillation of a lot of the advice online and from a number of conversations I've been having with angels and VCs. I didn't really come up with many differences between raising capital for a typical startup vs raising capital for your aging related one. One area is demographics - as one of the audience members pointed out, the existing incubators seem pretty much focused on young, male, tech founders, and startups in the aging-space tend to have older founders. Another difference is that you may be more likely to get money from angels if what you're building appeals to them directly, as is likely to be the case with a number of aging-focused startups.

The last few slides introduced the idea of a Longevity Fund focused on this space, starting with dementia / cognition. The idea resonated quite well with the audience - look for more info on the topic shortly.


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