Recap: Aging2.0 Startup Showcase at the Successful Aging Celebration (8/10/13)

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By Katy Fike PhD & Karen Carpenter

Bright and early on Saturday, August 10th 2013, thirteen exciting companies from the Aging2.0 network began setting up for the Aging2.0 Startup Showcase. The Showcase was part of the second annual Successful Aging Celebration hosted by Palo Alto Medical Foundation and Avenidas Village.  The Celebration provided a unique opportunity for the startups to showcase their products in front of 700+ older adults and to interact face-to-face with their target consumers.

The following startups were selected to exhibit in the Aging2.0 Showcase:


  • Augmedix is developing a service on Google Glass for physicians. We allow physicians to once again focus on their patients, not their computers.

  • Bath Boxr products are wraparound modesty bathing garments. Colorful, innovative and well designed, Bath Boxr products make modest bathing easy, fun and embarrassment free.

  • CareLinx is a professional caregiver marketplace that empowers families with tools to easily, find, screen, hire and manage caregivers that match their specific needs and budget online.

  • CareSolver is a complete web and mobile-based care management and caregiver engagement platform that guides the 43M family caregivers providing an average of 988 hrs/yr of care to 38M seniors living at home to provide higher-quality, lower-burden and cost care.

  • InvolveCare helps you organize your caregiving activities and share them with family and friends who want to help. Use the app to request assistance and volunteer for activities to help everyone you care for live better.

  • Kindoma is a communication hub for families, designed to help young children connect with their long distance relatives, especially grandparents.

  • Lift Labs has developed the LiftWare technology: a novel innovation that stabilizes tremor from Essential Tremor and Parkinson's Disease.

  • L!vely is a start-up consumer products company that keeps families connected so older adults can live independently for longer. It provides an activity-sharing experience with passive activity sensors for the home and LivelyGram, which is a way for loved ones to share the activities of their life through pictures and short messages that are sent by regular mail every two weeks.

  • LivWell Health offers a technology-enabled, service to assist families care for aging parents, in partnership with local service providers. We are developing a web-based platform for families to coordinate care, book vetted service providers, and manage their health.

  • OpenPlacement brings transparency and real-time vacancy information to care transitions. OpenPlacement’s web application serves patients and their caregivers by helping them search and qualify care providers that best meet their specific needs. OpenPlacement then connects the patient, caretaker, family and/or care professional directly with the care provider.

  • Presto is a solution for tens of thousands of families who wanted to send emails, digital photos and PDF documents to their loved ones who don’t use a computer. 

  • Sabi is a new health and wellness brand devoted to rethinking and redesigning the most commonly used products and tools in order to elevate the everyday moments in life with superior functionality and design.

  • TrueLink’s mission is to preserve the dignity, independence, and quality of life of Americans with dementia and memory loss by protecting their ability to spend money in the face of fraud, scams, and other spending mistakes. 

Based on feedback from the Showcase companies, the event was worth waking up early for on a Saturday.  They valued the opportunity to generate excitement about their products and services, get user feedback in real-time and network with aging services providers and fellow entrepreneurs working in the aging space.

The Aging2.0 team organized a scavenger hunt to encourage the attendees to visit each of the startups in the showcase.  Attendees enthusiastically navigated the sea of white tents in search of the bright orange tablecloths and balloons that designated the Aging2.0 Startups. Attendees who visited all 13 startups were entered in a drawing for a chance to win an iPod Shuffle.

At the Aging2.0 table, attendees also had the opportunity to sign up for our Aging2.0 Test Squad – a community of consumers over age 50 who are interested in providing feedback on new products and services being developed by teams in the Aging2.0 network.

All in all, the event was a win-win. The startups got to get their products in front of their target customers and the older adults got to learn about exciting innovations and have their voices heard.


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