See how the Europeans are doing it - EU report on age-tech

For those interested in the European market, the European Commission last year produced a fairly comprehensive review of the market: ICT & Ageing - European Study on Users, Markets and Technologies.

Image credit: Advanced Style blog

It reviews technology trends and then makes a deep dive into individual countries. The Executive Summary provides a useful snapshot of key barriers (dubious business case and in-built market distortions via reimbursement processes, fragmentation and  ethical concerns (does this mean less in-person visits, surveillance)) and some promising approaches and potential policies (comprehensive, joined-up approach, reimbursement reform, possible use of Structural Funds & benchmarking).

Worth a read for those looking at how other countries 'ahead' of the US in the aging game are exploring possible solutions. For example, by the middle of this century, Italy - who will have one pensioner for each working age person - seems to be quite advanced with smart homes - what they call "domotica".


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