New investments in the Silver Economy will boost the economic development of Spain and Europe, improving people's lives and generating wealth and social impact.

The current context -the COVID 19 pandemic and its economic and social effects- have shown the urgency of strengthening and developing the Silver Economy sector. Our organization, Aging 2.0, understands the need to promote investments, that will foster the achievement of the purpose of Aging 2.0 to accelerate innovation in this field and reach the desired results: social impact with profitability.

It is easy to deduce that in the EU strategy, with the high life expectancy of its population, projects to improve the quality of life of senior people are the priority.

In addition, new international investment policies contemplate the channeling of savings into responsible investment projects (ESG), capable of creating new social initiatives that put people's health and lifestyles at the forefront.

To reinforce this position, from Aging 2.0 we have been engaged in a European project promoted by the European Commission, through the European Investment Fund, by means of the "ESCALAR Program". This project allows the creation of venture capital funds focused on innovation projects with high potential, in alignment with the new European Union strategy to improve the health and the lifestyle of the elderly. Through the ‘Escalar Program’, the European Commission will double the investment done by the companies that meet the targeted criteria.

Silver Economy, Agetech, e-Health, Life sciences, etc. are no longer new concepts but are at the center of new investment strategies; profitable strategies with high social impact.

Aging 2.0 is part of a transnational consortium, promoted by Spain, and very well positioned to be chosen in the first call of the "ESCALAR Program" of the European Commission. The aim is to create a venture capital fund oriented to Silver economy.

For more information about this high impact initiative, please contact Madrid Chapter Ambassador Carlos Nieva,