Super Bowl Ads With a New Perspective on Getting Older

Like many Americans, my favorite part of the Superbowl is watching the commercials. Among the usual car and beer advertisers were a few commercials that are notable for the changing the face of how aging populations are portrayed and also viewed.

Taco Bell celebrated the spirit of seniors with this ad:

And surely, we are used to seeing seniors behaving younger than their years, but in this case, we see them avoiding their younger authority figures, driving fast, going out dancing, engaging in risqué activity (even with much younger partners), getting tattoos, staying out all night, and all around living "mas" as the ad prescribes. Let's not forget that this is the generation who pioneered rebelliousness and created the generation gap.

Prudential also noticed that we are all living more, about how the average life span has changed, but the retirement age has not. And most impressively asks us, the audience to think of the oldest person each of us knows. That reflective request, in and of itself, changes the face of aging.


Given that the median age of the 97 Million Super Bowl viewers is 43, planning for the second half of life seems an appropriate advertising pitch to make.


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