Why YOU Should Attend the European Summit on May 23-24, 2017



European Summit presented by Aging2.0 & Happy Aging
JOIN US in Hasselt, Belgium on May 23 - 24

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an interview with CEO Stephen Johnston...

Q: What is this event all about then?
A: We’ve hosted 350 local chapter events across 20 countries, but this is our first ‘Summit’ outside the US and we couldn’t be more excited. We’re doing it together with our Belgian partners, Happy Aging. The goal is to connect, elevate, support and celebrate innovators across Europe - from small startups to big organizations - in order to help tackle the "grand challenges” of aging.
Q: Why should I go? 
A: Can you imagine anything else as important as helping Europe adapt and thrive? Come meet people with from different backgrounds and perspectives, and join a dynamic community of doers not just talkers. Oh, and you may also get to sing karaoke with Grace, Aging2.0’s very own Anna Kendrick. 
Q: Who will be there? 
A: All of our favorite Europeans! Featured speakers and attendees are joining us from across Europe and across industries. We have startups, senior living executives, healthcare, investors, government types, academics and older adults themselves. They’ll be bringing a fresh take on some 'age old’ challenges, and looking to connect across siloes. 

Q: What will they be talking about? 
A: In a nutshell, building up Europe’s innovation ecosystem. More specifically we will focus on three of the Aging2.0 Grand Challenges: cognition, social engagement and livable communities. As a taste of the folks in the room… Healthcare futurist, Koen Kas will be show what tech-supported ‘delightful aging' looks like. David Lethbridge, CEO of hot UK startup Unforgettable will share his experience scaling e-commerce businesses and ways technology can help support families impacted by dementia. Another dynamic entrepreneur, Mats Manderbacker, the founder and Chairman of HUR, one of Finland's leading age-tech companies will talk about the keys to wellness for older adults, and growing his business rapidly into America and Asia. Keren Mazuz from Ben Gurian University in Israel will discuss new models of social engagement. Stef Bruckner from the Cambridge Institute of Public Health is building a tool to benchmark and measure the success of age-friendly cities, and in a similar vein Paco Villanueva from Open Evidence is estimating the health and economic outcomes of a variety of interventions. A locally focused panel on the Future of Care with leading Flemish experts on the front lines of care will provide a case study, while Horst Kramer from the European Commission and Menno Kok from EIT Health will provide a top-down perspective of the many initiatives and programs aiming to build a more innovative European ecosystem. All this and much more!
Q: Hold on, there are already loads of aging conferences in Europe, do we need more? 
A: We're not here to have a conference where people talk about the same topics and go away... we're here to build a community that lasts. Where people listen to and learn from folks with different perspectives and backgrounds. We're elevating and celebrating startups and innovators in aging. 
Q: What's this about a startup bootcamp? 
A: The day before the Summit, on May 23, we're having a one-day bootcamp to work with local startups and help them navigate the the aging industry and the startup landscape. Aging-focused startups won’t want to miss this hands-on opportunity to learn from the best.

Q: Where is it being held? 
A: Hasselt, Belgium? 

Q: Woah, that’s not London or Paris. Is it tough to get to?
A: Not at all. Happily Europe's transport system works a treat. It's within a couple of hours from much of Northern Europe's major population centers. Jet into Brussels airport or glide into the train station and it’s a short, smooth 1hr train ride (roughly once per hour) and then a short stroll from the train station to our venue in Hasselt University. 
Q: Why Hasselt? 
A: Three reasons: It’s a veritable hub of innovation in aging and home of BioVille, Living Lab, Happy Aging and incredible innovators, Two, it’s where our co-host Geert Houben, one of Europe’s most dashing age-tech entrepreneurs (who’s just landed €4m funding) comes from. And third, they’re the most friendly people you can meet.
Oh and four, you’ve probably not been there before - so live a little!
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