Startup Bootcamp

Aging2.0 seeks to find the best aging-focused startups from around the world and prepare them to work with the industry through our Startup Bootcamp. We are passionate about companies solving scalable, real life problems that are affecting the 1 billion older adults worldwide. We focus on providing support, introductions and mentorship to help companies navigate the industry and reach their growth objectives. The Statup Bootcamp is supported by Google for Entrepreneurs.

The Startup Bootcamp:


There will be multiple Aging2.0 Bootcamps in 2017 

Each bootcamp will be in conjuction with an Aging2.0 Regional Summit or Aging2.0 Optimize

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Please contact Michelle Maalouf ( for more information. 

Past Bootcamps:

On October 11, 2016 - Aging2.0 hosted The Aging2.0 Startup Bootcamp in conjuction with Aging2.0 Optimize. Over 50 companies joined for a day of networking and education. Check out the pictures here.



"It was a truly valuable and rewarding experience attending the Aging2.0 OPTIMIZE conference, and in particular the Start-up Bootcamp in San Francisco. Aside from hearing the excellent array of on-stage speakers, advising and providing insight on all aspects of the aging sector and the opportunities therein, the ability to network and share information and experiences with other start-ups and founders working in aging innovation was a rare treat. Being the founder of a business providing a social solution for older adults, I was able to share real relateable knowledge and information with other founders I met who are addressing the same demographic with similar needs via a variety of products and services. The common ground of aging made it so much more useful than other start-up conferences I have attended. The openness and enthusiasm with which people were interacting and learning from each other was a real highlight - everything from investment opportunities, customer insights and analytics, business development, potential collaborations - I came away bouyant with a sense of new possibilities and opportunities, and hopefully through sharing my own learnings, helped others benefit in a similar vein. " - Peter Mangan, CEO & Founder, The Freebird Club