What are Aging2.0 Chapters?

Chapters are volunteer-run, interdisciplinary and intergenerational local communities of innovators in aging all over the world. They are the heart and soul of Aging2.0. Innovation is happening all around the world, and we rely on Ambassadors and their teams to build up their local ecosystems and connect with other Chapters and the global network. Aging2.0 is an independent, grassroots-driven social enterprise, and the Chapters program is run as a non-profit initiative.  

Aging2.0 Chapter Goals


  • Startup mentality – We are approaching the creation of a global Chapters organization as a startup – a nimble, iterative process in search of a sustainable business model. As such we will be iterating our approach based on what works and feedback from you and the people you meet. 
  • Creating ecosystems – We are developing rich ecosystems in each Chapter – including startups, industry, investors, older adults, academics, non-profits, government, press and others.
  • Collaborate with existing players – Further on the collaboration theme, we are not looking to reinvent the wheel, but want to plug in to local events and organizations already working in the space.
  • Regular communication – Quarterly Chapter Team calls for the Chapter Community. 
  • Peer groups – Being involved with Chapters can be quite rewarding, allowing those involved to develop new networks within their region, as well as collaborate with peer groups globally. 
  • Sustainable business – Our goal is that Ambassadors and their team are compensated for their efforts, which can be accomplished through Chapter event fees and sponsorships.
  • Brand Differentiation – We use the 'Aging2.0 Chapter' brand for individual Chapters (e.g. Aging2.0 London Chapter) to differentiate between HQ activities and Chapters. 
  • Bottom up and top down – We supply a numbers of resources, processes and content but invite our local Chapters to raise issues they care about the most, and that may be localized.  

Join a local community or Start a Chapter today!