What are Aging2.0 Chapters?

Chapters are an extension of the Aging2.0 HQ team. Innovation is happening all around the world, and we rely on Ambassadors to report back from the front lines of innovation so that our community is as strong as possible. We started as a grassroots organization, hosting coffee for 15 people in New York City, and we’ve never lost touch with our roots. Chapters are the core of Aging2.0.

Aging2.0 Chapter Goals

  1. Build local community / ecosystems of innovation – bring together innovators in the aging and senior care space, break down industry silos and educate / encourage others to work in the aging innovation industry. This goal is mainly achieved by consistent, enriching, in-person events.
  2. Strengthen Aging2.0 worldwide – find the hottest startups from around the world, identify the most innovative providers and industry organizations, recruit more people to join the Aging2.0 network. Our Global Startup Search program and revenue-sharing model help achieve this goal.
  3. Share innovation best practices and insights – collect data and insights from Chapter members and events, identify trends and openly share knowledge with the greater A2 community. Ambassadors have the opportunity to contribute content for our blog and online community platform, can participate in forums and workshops – and the Ambassadors have an opportunity to attend an exclusive Innovation Immersion with peers to hear inspiring keynotes and experience workshop sessions with leading experts. 


  • Startup mentality. We're approaching the creation of a global Chapters organization as a startup - a nimble, iterative process in search of a sustainable business model. As such we'll be iterating our approach based on what works and feedback from you and the people you meet. 
  • Creating ecosystems. We're developing rich ecosystems in each Chapter - including startups, industry, investors, older adults, academics, non-profits, government, press and others.
  • Collaborate with existing players. Further on the collaboration theme, we're not looking to reinvent the wheel, but want to plug in to local events and organizations already working in the space.
  • Regular communication. Be sure to join our monthly Chapter Team calls, hosted every 3rd Thursday of the month at 7am PT, 9am PT and 4:30pm PT (3 options). 
  • Peer groups. Being involved with Chapters will be rewarding and those involved will develop new networks in the regions and with a new peer group across the world, who can help each other out. 
  • Sustainable business. Our goal is that Ambassadors and their team will be rewarded for their efforts, either by event fees, sponsorship and / or membership dues, over time.
  • Brand Differentiation. We'll be using the 'Aging2.0 Chapter' brand for regions, so it will be e.g. Aging2.0 London Chapter, to differentiate between HQ activities and Chapters. 
  • Bottom up and top-down. We'll be pushing out some processes, rules, procedures and content, but would also like local Chapters to raise issues about which they care the most, and may be localized.

Join a local community or Start a Chapter today!