Each Chapter is led by a one Ambassador. The Ambassador represents his/her community by leading a team and organizing the chapter team with the support of Aging2.0 headquarters in San Francisco.

  • Attend a 1-hour team call each month to receive updates from HQ and provide a short summary of accomplishments and upcoming plans
  • Lead team in organizing (minimum) one event per quarter, based on themes and guidelines put forth by HQ
  • Mentor new Ambassadors (up to 2 per year) when called upon by HQ
  • Submit quarterly metrics report (may delegate to team member, but it is the Ambassador's responsibility to ensure it is submitted by deadline).

First and foremost, there is intrinsic value in being a leader of this social movement. As you know, this is an unpaid position and those that take on this responsibility must be both passionate about the greater Aging2.0 mission and open to volunteering time and talent. Ambassadors may leverage the community, benefit from Aging2.0 brand affiliation (aka – list your role on LinkedIn!) and also receive exclusive access to:

  • Online Platform
  • Discounts and exclusive offers within Aging2.0

Unfortunately, there can only be ONE Ambassador per city. Ambassadors can organize team responsibilities however they prefer, but there must only be one point of contact for HQ and one official 'face' of the Chapter.

No, Aging2.0 only distributes License Agreements to individuals. However, a Chapter can be supported by a company / organization (e.g. committing to long term sponsorship/resources).

It varies, but on average, an Ambassador spends 10-20 hours per month on meetings, planning, community building and event management. Of course, some weeks / months will be busier than others – and veteran Ambassadors / Chapter teams generally need less time than new ones.

Passionate and knowledgeable about using innovation to improve the life of older adults around the world

  • Leadership skills – able to recruit and manage a team of volunteers
  • Organized – Willing to follow guidelines, but comfortable working autonomously
  • Creative – constantly looking for new solutions
  • Entrepreneurial – proactive, nimble and business-minded
  • Welcoming – Aging2.0 is an inclusive community that thrives on collaboration
  • Responsive – able to communicate quickly and efficiently
  • Flexible – Aging2.0 is a startup and as a company, we are constantly iterating and adapting. It's imperative that Ambassadors are open to change and improvement

The application includes a basic questionnaire. 

We review applications weekly, so you can expect an update within 7 business days of your application submission. 

  1. Complete the application form at the bottom of the page
  2. Complete a video interview via Zoom with the Chapter team

Not always. We recommend that you submit your application as soon as possible, and often the first person to go through the application process is a great fit.

Yes, but you must be clear that your application is pending and you are not an official representative of Aging2.0. Committed sponsors and partners can certainly strengthen your application.

The Ambassador license is a 12-month term. In most cases, Ambassadors are offered a renewal when the contract is up.

No, this is a volunteer role. Ambassadors are not employed by Aging2.0.

Ambassadors can formally step down from the role at any time. We request at least 2 weeks notice. They will have the opportunity to nominate a new Ambassador, the Chapter team can nominate a replacement, or Aging2.0 HQ can publicly announce the search.


  • Managing the volunteer team
  • Communicating with HQ and then disseminating information to the Chapter team
  • Planning events and content
  • Securing venues
  • Finding a speakers
  • Identifying sponsors to fund event costs
  • Promotion and marketing for the events
  • Serving as the main point of contact for HQ
  • Reporting metrics and key information
  • Collaborating / Mentoring new Ambassadors

Chapters are required to use the Aging2.com dashboard for event registration and email marketing – Ambassador receive access to city-specific or regional events. Once officially appointed, each Ambassador is granted access to our online platform where they will find how-to guides and peer-to-peer access. Additionally, Aging2.0 provides annual in-person workshops and period online learning opportunities.

Each chapter is expected to host ONE event per quarter (minimum). Generally, only one event per year is mandated, and the rest of the events that year can be determined (type of event, topic, etc) by the Chapter team. An example might be: HQ asks Chapters to host one *Global Startup Search event that year, but the rest of the events can be at chosen by the Chapter (2-Pint-0, Fireside Chat, Panel Event, etc.).

No. If you apply to lead a Chapter in a city that we already have a Chapter in, we will direct you to the existing Ambassador. When their term ends, you may apply to take over as Ambassador in that city.

Generally, each license is city-specific. We occassionaly accept regional or country-wide Chapters on a case by case basis. 

No, Aging2.0 HQ will create accounts for Chapters when approved.

Aging2.0 Chapters host many different types of events, including but not limited to:

  • Networking / 2-Pint-0 Happy Hours
  • Speaker and Panel Events
  • Lunch and Learn
  • Pitch events
  • Consumer panels
  • Speaker panel
  • Workshops

We require each Chapter to host (minimum) 1 event per quarter. Exact schedule is not mandated. There is an annual pitch competition in Q2, when all Chapters host a pitch event. Besides Q2, Ambassadors and Chapter teams can determine the type and topic of the events they host.

Every team is different and ultimately the Ambassador can structure the team however they like. Typically, a team consists of:

  • Ambassador* – face of the chapter, manager extraordinaire, strong communicator. Only one Ambassador per Chapter is allowed.
  • Events* – organization genius, loves logistics, pulls the pieces together behind the scenes to ensure every event is flawlessly run
  • Publicity* – gets the word out on social media, master of flyers and promo emails, may even talk to local press about upcoming events
  • Photographer / Videographer* – keen ability to capture moments, quick turnaround time, all the best equipment
  • Sponsorship lead – comfortable with business development, building relationships, raising sponsorship funds and managing the sponsor payment process
  • Startup Liaison – often is an entrepreneur themselves, understands startup challenges, usually has a passion for innovation
  • Industry Liaison – knows all of the players, loves to schmooze, often brings in sponsorship opportunities
  • Academia Liaison – knows the local universities, research and programs that are relevant, is able to connect and promote Chapter activities
  • Investor Liaison – familiar with the investment community, educates key contacts and promotes events a Chapter activities to key investors
  • Advisor(s) – high level executives that may not have bandwidth to be involved fully on the Chapter team, but provide strategic counsel periodically


Yes, Aging2.0 requires each Ambassador to sign a license agreement in order to represent the Aging2.0 brand. The license agreement lasts for 12 months and is renewable. Once your application has been reviewed and accepted, you will have the opportunity to review the agreement, which includes standard language around brand protection, finance details, non-disclosure and liability details.

There is no fee to apply. Chapters are responsible for funding events (including venue rental, food and beverage, any speaker fees or printing costs) through sponsorship and/or ticket sales. Chapters are required to process all sponsorship payments through HQ via the Aging2.com dashboard and as a licensing fee, 10% of all sponsorship revenue and ticket sales remains with HQ, while 90% goes to the Chapter.

Event Sponsors contribute funds to a Chapter for one specific event. Chapter Sponsors contribute funds up front for the events throughout the year. Partners donate supplies or in-kind services (venue, food and beverage, etc), not money. Sponsorship pricing and benefits can be determined on a Chapter by Chapter basis, and HQ provides suggested guidelines to active Ambassadors.