A world on mute : I can’t hear you, can you hear me?

Fri, May 14, 2021, 12:00 PM (BST)

This webinar tackles one of the biggest unrecognised problems affecting recruitment, performance, and retention in the older workforce, namely: our hearing. First, it presents hard data on the magnitude of the problem and the severity of its impact on personal well-being and the economy. Second, it offers insights from personal experiences. And third, it offers constructive suggestions to apply.


Most older people find it harder than younger people to hear well in noisy conditions such as open-plan offices and busy networking events, compounded by the fact that older people are more likely to have a hearing loss than younger colleagues. The systemic failure to provide effective listening conditions in the workplace disproportionately affects older adults. 

In this one hour long webinar Lorraine Gailey will discuss the impact of poor hearing and factors that are causing poor hearing with a focus on the ageing workforce. Her talk will be followed by personal experiences of three panelists: Caroline Waters OBE will talk about her personal experience of hearing loss while working for a global corporate and the personal and workplace impact. David Butler will share his experience of his sudden profound hearing loss and how he had to change his life around and embracing the role of technology. Julian Harcourt will tackle the marketing challenge: association between ageing and hearing.


Caroline Waters OBE

Deputy Chair of the EHRC and lead Commissioner for Disability, Caroline is one of the most influential leaders in the movement to create inclusive ways of working and a leader of the flexible working movement. Using her own experience of hearing loss Caroline set about creating solutions to career and lifelong learning for people dealing with hearing loss at work.

David Butler

David has 30-years of technical background within the food industry. In 2016 he had a sudden and complete loss of hearing. A cochlear implant brought David back into the hearing world but he still has to tackle barriers to communication each day. He now runs his own technical consultancy and also helps the SME market to develop more inclusive workplaces and accessible communication for an ageing workforce. David's work delivers change and truly benefits both employer and individuals.

Julian Harcourt

Julian runs greyafro (www.greyafro.com), a specialist marketing consultancy helping businesses understand/target/communicate with consumers aged over 50. He has worked for and with brands like Experian, Viking Cruises, RBS, Nationwide and Brakes Foodservice in Senior Marketing roles. He also started and moderates the Aging2.0 online book club. 

Keynote Speaker

  • Lorraine Gailey

    Lorraine Gailey

    Hearing Partners

    Lorraine worked for three decades with hearing impaired adults as the CEO of the national charity Hearing Link. She tackles the immense and largely underestimated social and economic disadvantage that comes with hearing loss, which disproportionately affects older adults. She draws attention to the many great solutions available today, noting that most cost little or nothing to implement. 

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  • nicolette wykeman

    nicolette wykeman

    silverforce coaching

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