How to enter the US healthy ageing market and succeed - Aging2.0 UK speaks with Mary Furlong

Wed, Jan 19, 4:00 PM (GMT)


The pandemic has dramatically reshaped the US healthy ageing market landscape.  Investors in the market are increasing as the number of unicorns begins to rise.  UK companies have an opportunity to benefit from this accelerating growth but knowing the right people in the right places is crucial to success in this competitive market. 

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Mary Furlong is an experienced entrepreneur with a deep understanding of the longevity market and the ecosystem. She has created three companies in the marketplace and helped others with their exit strategy. She is the producer of hybrid events that showcase the distribution partners, investors, corporations and leading entrepreneurs. She has raised over $180 million in corporate sponsorships and in venture capital for companies entering the market. She serves as an adviser to the Ziegler LinkAge investment fund, CABHI and THRIVE and has been a consultant to AARP for the past twenty years. She has a knowledge of the key leaders in senior housing, home care, health care and investment in the marketplace.

She will provide an overview of the longevity market and share examples of who is in the ecosystem and how both private and public sectors are investing in the $8.3 trillion dollar longevity market. She will also highlight case studies of companies that have scaled in the market.

Mary Furlong served in the Clinton administration as an adviser on aging and the internet. She serves as an adviser to many entrepreneurs and holds an executive professorship in entrepreneurship (part time) at Santa Clara University (2002 -)

Together with Fred Fishkin, technology reporter, she has a podcast " Whats Next, Living Longer, Better Smart podcast, and is introducing a new podcast on Whats Next: Longevity Dealtalk with Fred Fishkin. Her monthly newsletter reaches 10,000 influencers. 

Mary will be joined by Rahul Agarwal, Deputy Head Healthcare: Health Systems, Healthy Ageing, Genomics at UK DIT.  Rahul supports UK healthcare organisations (including NHS) do business overseas. They use a network of trade advisors across embassies, high commissions and consulates in 100+ markets to promote, identify and realise these opportunities. Services include:

* leading on country and sector advice and opportunity matchmaking

* tailored support and guidance through our Export Catalyst programme, delivering personalised consulting support, training courses and online resources to the NHS

* working together with DHSC and NHS England/Improvement to develop the NHS Long Term Plan’s concept of an ‘export collaborative’ – exploring the ways the NHS can collaborate around their innovations

Zinc, the UK based venture builder programme, will introduce several of their healthy ageing companies to the discussion.  Zinc exists to build and scale a brand-new way to solve the most important societal problems faced by the developed world.  Their approach empowers the most talented and motivated people in the world to redirect their careers and have a large-scale social impact as entrepreneurs, researchers and intrapreneurs.

Zinc portfolio entrepreneurs include Fernanda Dobal, CEO and Co-founder of Bia Care, the UK's first group consultation platform for menopause. She started Bia Care to revolutionise access to healthcare and break the taboos around menopause. She is an innovation designer by training and holds an MSc from Imperial College London and a MA from Royal College of Art. Before that, she was an early employee at Zearn, where she designed products used by millions of people. Originally from Brazil, she currently lives in the UK, where she is the recipient of a Tech Nation Exceptional Talent visa for her contribution to the field of creative technology.

Keynote Speakers

  • Mary Furlong

    Mary Furlong

    Mary Furlong Associates


  • Rahul Agarwal

    Rahul Agarwal

    UK DIT

    Deputy Head of Healthcare


  • Colum Lowe

    Colum Lowe

    Design Age Institute



Wednesday, Jan 19
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM (GMT)


  • Eric Kihlstrom

    Eric Kihlstrom


    UK Ambassador

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