LONDON A2.0 BOOK CLUB | Keren Etkin - The AgeTech Revolution

Mon, Feb 28, 8:00 PM (GMT)


Watch the video here of Keren Etkin, the author of The AgeTech Revolution.

More about our guests:

Keren is the best-selling author of The AgeTech Revolution - a book about the intersection of technology and aging, founder of, a media platform that covers the global agetech ecosystem and offers online courses through the AgeTech Academy, and the founder/director of AgeLabIL at Shenkar college in Israel, an interdisciplinary R&D center focusing on agetech. Named one of the most influential people in aging, Etkin is a sought-after public speaker and advisor for agetech startups, investors in the longevity economy, care providers and organizations who work on innovation in aging.

Julian Harcourt is the Aging2.0, Book Club moderator and runs greyafro, a specialist marketing consultancy helping businesses understand/target/communicate with consumers aged over 50. He is also a Director of Hearing Partners CIC and Head of Marketing at Motionspot. Julian will introduce and moderate our question and answer session.

We hope to see you then!

Keynote Speaker

  • Keren Etkin

    Keren Etkin


    My name is Keren Etkin, I’m a Gerontologist by training and a tech enthusiast by nature.

    After getting a B.Sc in life sciences, I decided to pivot and study for a master’s degree in gerontology.

    I’ve working with older adults for almost a decade and was employee #1 at Intuition Robotics – the startup behind ElliQ, the world’s first social robo…

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  • Julian Harcourt

    Julian Harcourt

    greyafro marketing


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  • Eric Kihlstrom

    Eric Kihlstrom


    UK Ambassador

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