London Grand Challenges Launch Event

Wed, Mar 14, 2018, 5:30 PM (GMT)


Aging2.0's Grand Challenges is a new global initiative to drive collaboration around the biggest challenges and opportunities in aging.

Our eight topics are the result of five years of bottom-up and top-down dialogue with stakeholders from across Aging2.0’s interdisciplinary, intergenerational, international community of older adults, senior care providers, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs. They are the innovation priorities for the Aging2.0 community.

Over the coming months, Aging2.0 international be providing context for each topic and then work with our network to research, track and innovate collaboratively - so that we can more effectively 'move the needle' and make a meaningful (and measurable) impact on the lives of older adults around the world. On 14 March, the London Chapter will share output to date from Aging2.0's international dialogue.

Also at the event, one of Aging2.0's Leaders Circle, Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation, will present their various programmes, including Industry Innovation Partnership Program. This program is an opportunity for companies around the world to accelerate their disruptive senior care innovations by testing them in a real world environment. I2P2 gives companies an opportunity to obtain the evidence and user validation required for widespread procurement and adoption of their products. Successful applicants will be partnered with one or more seniors care organizations (trial sites) and receive up to $500,000 (CAD) in matching fund support.  Deadline for the event is 12 March.  Apply now!

At our event, London will showcase the latest group of innovative UK companies for CABHI to see as part of their UK launch event. Companies presenting include:

T7 Technology - We are digital start up with big plans. Over the next 3 years we're on track to have our wellbeing enabling technology in over 100,000 individuals homes both here in the UK and overseas. We already work with numerous care organisations so they can achieve better outcomes for the people they support.

MonitorMe - MonitorMe is a clinical device and a telephone. The telephone handset is equipped with sensors to capture your vital signs and send them via telephone lines to your digital patient record. The digital patient record compares your vital signs with previous records and raises an alert to your medical professional in the event that changes are identified.

Kalgera - Kalgera will use Open Banking regulation and cognitive neurology research to analyse past and present financial behaviour across all financial institutions. Kalgera then uses that data to detect and alert older people and their loved ones to unusual activity so action can be taken to prevent recurrent scams.

Kraydel - Enabling independent living and efficient compassionate care.

Just added to the agenda is Public Health England, Accenture and Care City.  Public Health England will talk about the topic of 'Building a better community for healthy ageing'.  Dr Charles Alessi, Senior Advisor at Public Health England will provide an 'Introduction to Public Health England's Productive Healthy Ageing framework'.  

Care City CEO John Craig will present the latest developments in the London Borough's initiative. Care City presents a unique opportunity to improve population health alongside regeneration through creating new relationships with our community, our system, innovators and experts. It is jointly founded by NELFT and the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham in October 2013. 

Accenture will demonstrate Accenture's AI powered care assistant - They have completed a pilot program that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and the ease of voice to help older people manage the daunting challenges of navigating their care delivery and well-being.

And finally, as Aging2.0's UK ambassador has recently been named as the UK's interim Director of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund - Healthy Ageing, we will be able to discuss any publicly released information on the Challenge.


  • Stephen Johnston

    Stephen Johnston




  • Eric Kihlstrom

    Eric Kihlstrom

    Innovate UK

    Interim Director, ISCF Healthy Ageing


Wednesday, Mar 14
5:30 PM - 9:00 PM (GMT)


Innovation Warehouse
1 E Poultry Avenue LondonEC1A 9PT

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