Tue, Dec 15, 2020, 2:00 PM (GMT)


Our Designer in Residency Programme continues on Tuesday 15 Dec at 2pm (UK time). At our last session, we learnt about the third phase of the design process 'Develop'. This session will focus on fourth phase of the design process - Deliver. Join us as we have great Showcase partners and very special guests from the Design Age Accelerator Click the "Get Tickets" button below to register.

The session will be 90 mins:

10 mins - Why Deliver Matters

15 mins - The Design Age Accelerator

20 mins - Partner Showcase with Civic Dollars and Arthr

30 mins - Partner Share Challenge

15 mins - Questions and Shared Learnings

We look forward to welcoming you!


About our speakers

The Design Age Accelerator is a new venture funded by Innovate UK as part of the Healthy Ageing Grand Challenge. The ambition of the Accelerator is to address the under-valuing and low investment in user-centred, inclusive design by businesses, by connecting organisations serving older people with the UK's world leading user-centred design skills and resources. Through a team of design-led growth advisors, the accelerator will enable businesses and the public sector to use design to its full potential and to access designers committed to design excellence for older people.

The venture is led by Jo Blundell from Future Public, John Mathers and Julian Grice from Healthy Ageing by Design.

We are seeking businesses to test and develop our proposition with. If you are a business interested in using design to improve your product or service for older people and would like to work with us, please get in touch via our website www.designageaccelerator.com

Civic Dollars - Helping your community has never been more rewarding. We are a #SmartCities Currency Platform designed to improve the health of citizens and create sustainable communities using gamification.

Arthr - Brilliant products for better living with arthritis. Millions of people lack well-designed products to help them live better. At Arthr we design, develop and champion brilliant innovations to help people live to the full while making their homes brighter. We are on a mission to improve everyday living for people with arthritis.

Our session will be facilitated by Alice, founder of Ageable our designer in residence. Ageable uses design and creativity to re-design the ways that we live, age and care.

Alice will also be joined by our super special facilitator Ela Neagu, Ela is joining Alice and Eric to bring her design wisdom and experience to support these sessions, helping all of us to be able to make the most out of the residency.

Ela Neagu, is an experience focused design-engineer with a background in research and user centred products. She has worked for clients such as VersusArthritis, Imperial College and Shift Design. She also has entrepreneurial experience having co-founded her own start-up in cybersecurity and is now supporting other young ventures.

Her focus is in healthcare and inclusive design, particularly projects investigating user experience, behaviour and sensitive information. Her core interests are information distilling and methods to create better communication.

In order to take the most out of the session - then please do spend some time thinking about a challenge/idea/problem that you can bring to support others. Otherwise be keen to be able to build on other people's ideas too!

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Tuesday, Dec 15
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