Huge New Aging Market - Innovators Wanted

Wed, May 15, 2019, 5:00 PM (EDT)


The aging demographic is on the rise. In the next 20 years the number of people 65+ in the US will increase from 43M to 85M. These "boomers" are technically savvy, are living longer and more active lives, and represent 82% of the US wealth. They will get what they want, and they want to "age in place" in the homes and towns where they live today.

But how do we support a large and distributed aging population? That's the $29.8 billion question, which is the expected market size by 2022 for "active aging" technology according to the Consumer Technology Association.

This has tech companies from (A) Apple to (Z) Zanthion, thinking, innovating, and creating products for this emerging market. And it's not just technology solutions. Older Americans face new challenges as traditional institutions that provided social networks for the elderly have weakened, leaving them more isolated and lonely. Finding transportation, meals, and even basic human connection becomes more difficult as we age.

Join Ms. Pinto, Maine's new AARP President, as she kicks off the event by sharing some provocative facts to get the audience thinking about the problems aging presents, and some of the current technologies in the marketplace helping people age in place.

Leda Rosenthal will then take the stage via webinar from her hometown of Chicago. Leda is a millennial CEO who founded, a digital marketplace and matching service for families seeking dementia assistive technology. Leda will share her personal story about her mother's diagnosis with early-onset dementia, and her determination to find the best caregiving technologies to help alleviate these challenges.

Our final presenter, is one of our own outstanding Maine millennial entrepreneurs who is also operating now in the aging space, Aron Semle. Aron co-founded upByte in 2018, which is focused on the use of technology to help care and provide independence for the elderly. Aron will share his story of why and how he made the jump into aging, and why Maine is the perfect incubator for companies focused in the space.

Will you be the next big innovator in the aging space?


Keynote Speakers

  • Patricia Pinto

    Patricia Pinto


    Volunteer State President

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  • Leda Rosenthal

    Leda Rosenthal

    Alz You Need

    Founder & CEO

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  • Aron Semle

    Aron Semle

    upByte Inc


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Wednesday, May 15
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM (EDT)


AARP Maine
53 Baxter Blvd, Suite 202 Portland04101

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