Ageism: Giving a voice to our protagonists

Sao Paulo
Mon, Dec 14, 2020, 5:00 PM (GMT-3)

Sao Paulo

UNIBES Cultural: 01/14/2022 às 18:00hs.

Ageism is considered the most prevalent, universal and one of the most harmful prejudices, because it affects our own future. It impacts negatively our mental and physical health. Diminish our possibilities of personal development and our life expectancy. One of the ways of fighting it, is educating the population and demystifying some erroneous conceptions about ageing. For this, we can count on life examples, proposals, desires, achievements of those who are 60+ which show us all the complexity, possibilities and richness of aging. Join us in this discussion which  is part of the official opening of the 2020 ageism campaign of the city of São Paulo. Be part of the manifest #SouMaisSessenta

This discussion will be moderated by:

1. Egidio Lima Dórea - Director University of São Paulo 60+ Education Program; Board Member ILC Brasil; Director Aging2.0 São Paulo

2. Márcia Ladeira - Director Aging2.0 São Paulo; Founder Tiramissu Media

Participants (all 60+ directly involved with the campaign):

1. Neuza Guerreiro de Carvalho - Biologist; Blogger; Director Aging2.0 São Paulo

2. Vera Covilla - Hospital Administrator 

3. Teda Pellegrini Ferreira - Psychologist

4. Roberto Tokoro - Biochemical 

5. Luis Fernandes - Photographer


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