AGEISM: Reflections, Proposals and Experiences

Sao Paulo
Thu, Oct 8, 2020, 6:00 PM (GMT-3)

Sao Paulo

This event will be about Ageism (“Idadismo”) and its deleterious effects on society. The older people get, the more invisible they become. It goes much beyond how companies (don’t) perceive their older customers: it has to do with self esteem. Older adults in Brazil are growing more knowledgeable about their rights, their social, economic and political power. So it’s about time to start confronting prejudice because of age issues. “Old” doesn’t mean disposable; or useless; or bad. Old is just an adjective to caracterize someone who has lived for a long time. And if time has never been so valuable, imagine how much is worth someone who’s had a long life. So...the 60+ have more stories, more experience, and they’ve also made more mistakes, which is good, because we can learn - with the help of their wisdom - not to repeat them. All these issues will be commented in this panel which is part of the launching of the movement “pridesixtyplus”, (orgulhosessentamais). This campaign was conceived by Aging2.0 São Paulo’s Director, Prof Egidio Dorea, who also runs USP60+, the biggest university program for older adults in Brazil, where over 7 thousand students get to study for free each year. Besides Prof. Dórea, the other panelists are: Cininha de Paula, actress, movie, theater and TV director, graduated in Arts, and also holds an undergraduate degree in Medicine; María Celia de Abreu, founder and director of IDEAC, an organization created in 1981 and that has since been offering courses to older adults that cover a wide range of themes; and Patrícia Muratori, Former Google Brazil senior director and currently Youtube senior executive. YouTube has embraced the movement and has also helped Aging2.0 São Paulo in setting up its own channel, “Manual do Tempo” (the handbook of time), with exclusive content dedicated to the 60+, who currently make for 16,2% of Brazil’s population of over 210 million people. The campaign has had the vital and creative support of Artplan, one of Brazil’s leading marketing and media agencies, and winner of numerous international prizes.

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