Aging and Thechnology: What’s new?

Sao Paulo
Tue, Dec 10, 2019, 4:00 PM (GMT-3)

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Sao Paulo

The audience was mainly composed by senior students of the University Open to the Third Age (UATI), but also by people interested in the technology developments aimed at the 60+ public.

The event started with a brief introduction by Prof. Dr. Egidio Dórea, responsible for the UATI and also director of Aging 2.0 São Paulo Chapter/Ativen. After that, Sergio Duque Estrada, Ambassador of the São Paulo Chapter of Aging 2.0 and CEO of Ativen, presented the initiatives of Aging 2.0, reinforcing the eight great challenges and also the great importance of technology for a longer and healthier life.

Then, we had presentations of four Startup Companies presenting their technology solutions to the public, taking the opportunity to interact with the audience and having a glimpse of their wishes as well as evaluating the suitability of their products and services. The first one to present itself was Renovatiomed, which founder Fernando Bizerra presented their solution of a medicine box that integrates Internet of Things (IOT) with a platform that will allow to control the correct time for taking the medicines as well as monitoring and identifying causes of noncompliance to the medical treatment.

The second company to present was Inonni, represented by Leonardo Wehbi, which offers the first local online market specialized in products and services for the 50 + public.

Then, Ana Lidia Moreira presented FisioCloud, a healthtech that uses IOT to monitor and motivate physical rehabilitation, using physiotherapy equipment with sensors that allow patients to perform prescribed exercises at home with professional monitoring.

Lastly, Celso Kenji Ishi presented Upcare, a digital platform that allows access to services and qualified professionals to meet the needs of the elderly and their families in daily care, rehabilitation and promotion of an active and healthy aging.

Aging 2.0/Ativen participating as speakers and mediators of the event allowed to expand its networking and promote the last event to be held by Aging 2.0 São Paulo this year. 

Keynote Speakers

  • Sergio Duque Estrada

    Sergio Duque Estrada

    Aging2.0 BRASIL e Ativen

    Embaixador e CEO

    See Bio
  • Egidio Dorea

    Egidio Dorea

    USP e ILC Brasil

    Coordenador e Diretor

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Tuesday, Dec 10
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM (-03)


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